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Today’s trend toward agile and DevOps software environments has created a surge in demand for professionals with expertise in lean and agile methodologies who can successfully manage and execute agile projects. But no organization is the same as the other, thus standard certification and training may fail to increase productivity. This is why we tailor our courses for you. Our top team of experts has significant field experience in doing so. WeChange Practitioner courses inculcate the complete understanding of agile project management and delivery using the principles and themes of agile / Lean /DevOps while tailoring the courses to the organizational culture process need needs. Our training and workshops support the various stages of the Agile maturity and agile journey

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Tailored courses example

  • Agile soft skills for managers
  • Scrumban
  • Agile estimations, metrics and KPI
  • Agile HR
  • Scrum master certifications
  • Agile continuity champions or forums training program
  • Agile for offshore teams global organizations

What you will gain:


Get equipped with the techniques involved in the agile/DevOps way of working.

Agile Real World

Get in touch with what is happening now in the agile world directly related to your industry and organization needs..

Agile Framework

Gain a complete understanding on the purpose and benefits of the agile framework.

Real training workshop

Course illustrated with industry case studies and real world example


Certifications as needed (product , projects, developer, scrum .

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