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We will talk all about Agile.

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Where? Tel aviv

When? 25-26.6.19

You will gain:

  • The understanding of why an agile project manager is different than other projects
  • How to plan the project when so many things are unclear
  • How to monitor a project which evolves over time
  • How to measure agile projects
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You will understand how to build and monitor a project plan in agile operation and how to better succeed in delivering value on time and on budget. We will use Best practices, Templates and Case Studies to ensure the understanding of the subject

Course syllabus:

  • Introduction to agile planning

    Why Agile?

  • The agile requirements life cycle

  • Terms: Feature, Epic, US, Task

  • Milestone, Release

  • Uncertainty in agile projects and its implications

  • Estimations, targets, commitments

  • The difference between traditional project management and agile project management (roles, involvement)

  • The project manager as the process enforcer, The importance of maintaining the flow

  • Quality in agile (part of the project management, DoD)

  • Agile in fixed price projects (change management, exchange, focus on value)

  • Project Planning

    Story points

  • Velocity estimates

  • Grooming, Discovery

  • Agile project planning

  • Agile project tracking

  • Project reporting

  • Risk Management

    Project smells

  • Anti patterns

  • Causes of failure

  • Mitigations in agile projects

  • Continuous risk management

  • Agile in scale

    SoS, SAFe, less

  • Agile project management tools

    TFS + Portfolio

  • Asana

  • Trello

  • Iteration planning

    Estimating tasks

  • tasks dependencies

  • Pre planning, planning, sniffing

  • Iteration tracking- the role of the project manager

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