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Agile methods are now mainstream and many organization focus on collaboration and communications as values. Teams are becoming more self-organized and empowered, encompassing all of the functions that are required for success in one place.
Since agile transformations relate not only to process and technology, but are much more culture and mindset revolutions, failure in mindset shift can and will fail the whole effort.
What should be the role of the human resources in the agile transformation? How does the agile culture affect activities like hiring, management training, and team building processes

%name Agile HR Management workshop

What can you learn?

  • The paradigm of the new world of work and its challenges
  • What are the changes in the different roles in the agile organization
  • How manage the HR department with agile methodology?
  • How can HR asses the agile mindset for teams, candidates, organization and such.
  • Agile / Scrum / Kanban / Lean and more what are they? What and why it has everything to do with HR?
  • Motivating Agile Teams
  • Agile implementation smell – how do you know it works (or not)?
  • How to recruit for agile teams?
  • What are the organizational challenges in the agile transition?
  • What is the role of HR in an Agile organization
  • What is the agile mindset?
  • How to perform an agile performance review?

What will you gain?

  • Understand the role of HR and impact of Agile / Lean on the organization and HR
  • Be able to assess your organization agile mindset state
  • Understand the new world of work and experience agile
  • Develop ability to set up HR practices such as recruiting, performance review, teaming and leadership approaches and such.
  • Gain insights from practical examples, best practices, and case studies
  • Gain skills and toolbox for a successful transformation
%name Agile HR Management workshop

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