Scrum & Scrum master classes

Agile methods are now mainstream. Meaning םrganizations adopt a way of working in a more communicative more face to face work-together manner. The focus of agile project management is developing solutions incrementally, working with project teams that need to react effectively to changing requirements. Scrum is common way to implement agile methods. .

So, what is it? What is a scrum master? What are the new challenges of developing software this way? How do we work in an agile/ scrum environment? what are the new roles? What's the role of the scrum team? What's the role of the scrum master?

What can you learn?

What will you gain?

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Understand the Scrum framework and mindset in depth and learn the necessary practices to succeed as a Scrum Practitioner & as a Scrum master
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Understand agile project and processes management approaches and the differences compared to traditional approaches
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Deliver quicker, cost-effective and low risk change by implementing an approach to agile project management.
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Lots of real projects examples

Who can benefit from this offer?

Scrum master
Scrum team members
An agile organization manager

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